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Research Laboratories
Presently the Centre has seven state-of-art research laboratories viz; Mushroom Genetic Resources, Molecular Genetics/ Biotechnology, Crop Improvement, Crop Production, Crop Protection, Crop Nutrition and Utilization and Postharvest Technology. Other infrastructures of the Centre include Gene Bank, Spawn Production Facility and Museum. The laboratories have been equipped with the necessary gadgets including HPLC, Spectrophotometers, High Resolution Microscopes with Epifluorescence, Computerized Image Documentation, DNA Flourimeter, Gel Documentation and Analyser Micromanipulator, Refrigerated High Speed Centrifuges, PCR Machines, Electrophoresis Units, Cell Fusion System, Deep Freezers, GLC, CO2-O2 analyser, water activity meter ,MAP machine etc.
Modern Mushroom Production Facility
 A compact test-cum-demonstration facility comprising of 13 climate-controlled growing rooms and a modern composting unit with bunkers and bulk chambers have been created which prove very useful in developing and disseminating high-tech production technologies in high-tech farming.  Computer control system has also been proposed to make it state-of-the-art facility.
National Mushroom Gene Bank and Spawn Production Facility
The Centre has a National Mushroom Gene Bank with cryopreservation, freeze drying and safe-deposit facilities of mushroom cultures. The mushroom gene bank has several accessions of commercial strains of A.bisporus, A.bitorquis, Pleurotus spp., Lentinula edodes, Volvariella species, Calocybe indica, Ganoderma lucidum and Auricularia spp.  Currently, the number of accessions in our National Gene Bank are available. Pure cultures of cultivated mushrooms are made available to growers/researchers on payment/exchange basis. Similarly, the Centre has established a commercial spawn production facility, which sells both, mother spawn and planting spawn of different strains of the popular cultivated mushrooms.  The spawn unit is also imparting practical training to individuals for mushroom spawn production.  The unit has trained number of mushrooms growers/entrepreneurs in the area of spawn production to establish their independent commercial spawn labs. The spawn unit has so far sold ton’s of  spawn to growers/entrepreneurs and others.
Trainer’s Training  Centre (TTC)
This facility has recently been inaugurated and dedicated to the Centre. It will in-house ultra modern mushroom museum, training hall with all modern audio-visual gadgets and a conference hall.
The Centre has a well-developed Agricultural Knowledge Management Unit (AKMU) with all the modern facilities like 20 line LAN, 100Mbps NKN High Speed Broadband, High Resolution colour printers, sophisticated scanners.  All sections are well connected with AKMU through LAN and the facilities for Internet search especially for scientific literature through CEERA, J-Gate are also available for the users.  Website of  DMR ( was designed and launched during 2000-01.  The new version of DMR website based on ICAR website guidelines was designed by AKMU and launched on 01.07.2010.





Last Update : Tuesday, October 18, 2016