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Varieties developed

The Directorate has developed and released 3 new strains of A. bisporus (NCS-100, NCS-101, NCH-102) First two strains are single spore isolates and the third strain is a hybrid. All these three strains are good for long as well as pasteurized compost.
Two improved strains of summer white button mushroom (Agaricus bitorquis) viz; NCB-6 and NCB-13 were released alongwith complete package of practices. The new varieties are introduction from hot areas of USA and were released for commercial cultivation in India after evaluation trials and standardization of cultivation technology for 6-7 years at this Centre.  Both these exotic strains performed better during multilocational testing at the Centres of All India Coordinated Mushroom Improvement Project as well as during "On Farm Trials" conducted at Solan.
The Germplasm collections of the DMR, Solan is having most of the commercially cultivated strains of edible mushrooms for supply to research institutes and mushroom farmers . The total no of edible germplasl of edible mushrooms is around 610.
Last Update : Tuesday, October 18, 2016