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    Why Eat Mushrooms

     Mushrooms are source of quality protein having essential amino acids and high digestibility.
    • No cholesterol and low fat with ergosterol and polyunsaturated fatty acids : Good for Heart.
    • Low calorific food with no starch, low sugars : Delight of Diabetics.
    • High Fibre, low sodium-high potassium diet : Anti-Hypertensive.
    • Good source of vitamin B-complex and Vit C; only vegetable source of Vit D.
    • Rich in minerals like copper (cardio-protective) & Selenium (anti-cancer).
    • Anticancer, Anti-HIV, Anti-viral, Anti-histaminic, Hypo-cholesterolemic,Hepato-& Nephro-protective, Anti-oxident, stamina enhancer, etc.




Last Update : Tuesday, October 18, 2016